If you just got in on a RED camera for a tremendous price, and you aren't familiar to the RED workflow, it can be a little confusing at first, especially since RAW files offer a tremendous amount of flexbility. If you've got Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, RED has put together a little video showing exactly what you need to do to get started working with RED RAW files and manipulating them within the program. Check out the video below:

I'm not as familiar with the older Premieres, so if someone could confirm for me that this workflow is similar in older versions (at least 5 and above), that would be great. With RED now native to Final Cut Pro X, there are a lot more options for users who may want to begin working immediately with the RAW files without having to transcode them first. One of the advantage to the REDCODE RAW format is that you don't have to play back the files at full resolution, so if you're running on an older machine (confession: this guy), you can still play back these files without too much issue.

Color correcting/grading is a whole other issue, but if you just want to get started working with the files, it's now as simple as dragging and dropping for some the most popular non-linear editing applications.

You can learn more about RED's workflow and download a guide for Premiere using the links below.

If you are a Premiere CS6 user, how has has you experience been so far working with RED files? How about Final Cut Pro X users, what has it been like being able to natively work with RED RAW?