Filmcity-fc-10-support-rig-e1355905414442-224x137If you want to do steady handheld work with most small cameras -- like DSLRs -- a shoulder rig is almost a must. They vary in price rather drastically, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are plenty of budget rigs around, some from better known companies than others, but not many of them can break $100 as a starting price point -- but that's exactly what the Filmcity FC-10 Shoulder Rig does. Click through to check out a video showing off the rig.

Thanks to CheesyCam for the link:

Well, for $95, it's probably worth a shot for anyone who really doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Of course, gear made out of aluminum or some sort of composite metal will probably last a lot longer, but if you're an owner/operator and you have a DSLR, your rig doesn't have to take nearly the beating that rental gear must withstand.

I haven't used any of these rigs before, so I can't vouch for the quality, but if you're just getting started and you have a Canon T3i or Panasonic GH2 or some other budget camera, it doesn't make much sense to spend tons of money on shoulder rigs, follow focuses, and matteboxes until you are either making money with your gear, or you have the experience to fully utilize something more expensive.

You can find these rigs on eBay as well as through the Proaim website. If you're interested in more budget gear, Filmcity of India makes everything you can imagine for seriously budget prices.

Does anyone have experience with this particular rig or one like it? What do you think? Does anyone have any recommendations for other budget shoulder rigs that are built well?


[via CheesyCam]