Not too long ago we told you about a color corrector plugin/standalone software solution from Rubber Monkey that not only tries to mimic the looks of many film stocks, but does it in a way that is particular to the exact camera you're using. Until now the only cameras that were guaranteed to work properly with FilmConvert to achieve the specific look were Canon DSLRs and RED cameras, but now they are adding support for the Panasonic GH2, as well as support for more Canon picture profiles, and a brand new plugin for Final Cut Pro 7.

Here is what they said on Facebook about the support:

GH2 and more 5D profiles are available now for our fine FilmConvert Pro and Premiere / After Effects products.

All new and shiny profiles, specifically built for your GH2.

Also, we've included custom builds of the 5D Technicolor, Flaat, Marvels Cine, and Prolost profiles.

This is the list of profiles for the DSLR/Mirrorless cameras that have been added:


If you haven't seen what it's capable of, here is a tutorial for FilmConvert:

This is what Kristoffer Stranden said about his GH2 sample below:

... the grain is to resemble a more dirty 16mm type look, but I get what you're saying, another reason it was a little exaggerated was to survive the vimeo compression...Lenses were mostly Nikkor-H (Nippon Kogaku) 50mm and Voigtlander 25mm. Last shot was done with a 7D using Rokinon and Zeiss lenses.

As some people have been talking about on other posts, it may be that FilmConvert is something for people who actually grew up watching movies on film, and that the new generation may not appreciate the grain -- since it is inherently a flaw. Until that point, however, plugins like FilmConvert will still be doing a fantastic job recreating the look of old film stocks, and doing it in a way that does it far quicker than anything else out there because it's manipulating the information from an uncorrected sample from the sensor in order to match as closely as possible.

What do you guys think about this? Is this something you may use with your GH2?

Link: FilmConvert