Samyang-85mm-cine-lens-t1Traditionally it has been difficult to get cine-style lenses with geared iris/focus rings and a declicked aperture unless they were PL mount or you took your favorite still lenses to a place like Duclos Lenses to have them cine-modded. Now we're getting fantastic options like the Samyang/Rokinon Cine Lenses, which include an 8mm, 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, and now an 85mm, and are also measured in T stops to allow for more accurate exposure. CheesyCam took a look at the lens mounted on the Panasonic GH3, Canon T4i, Canon 5D Mark III, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Here is the unboxing of the lens, followed by the test:

The Samyang and Rokinon lenses are exactly the same, but they are just sold under different brand names -- though both of them are available from most places. This is going to be a portrait lens for the Mark III, but it's going to feel much longer on cameras like the T4i, GH3, and BMCC. On those cameras, the 85mm would feel like 136mm, 170mm, and 195.5mm, respectively, compared to full frame. These are becoming a legitimate set of matched lenses, and with minimal breathing, all that's really missing is a 50mm to make this basically a full set for many situations.

The 85mm is going to run you $350, so considering you get a fast lens in a cine-mod package, it's quite a bargain.

What do you guys think? Have any of you used the still version of this lens before? What about the other Samyang Cine lenses?


[via CheesyCam]