Ryan-koo-joe-marine2-224x132In the comments section of my more-contentious-than-I-expected post about making a short that ties into my forthcoming feature MANCHILD, there were a lot of questions about my project, as well as the overall wisdom of making a short in order to fundraise for a feature. Reading through the comments, I realized I could've delved deeper into the timeline of what's happened since my Kickstarter campaign. So, to answer some of the questions posed in the comments -- as well as to generally shoot the shit about filmmaking -- I sat down (virtually) with NFS editor Joe Marine for an wide-ranging video chat.

It's over an hour long, so I would recommend moving the video to a corner of the screen and getting on with other tasks while it plays, or just treating it like an audio podcast (there's an audio-only link below as well):

I apologize for the audio quality on my end -- we had some issues with the recording, and then I cleaned it up, but it sounds worse again after Vimeo compression. We'll get this working better in the future. Here's the sound-only version (which can also be downloaded):

Despite the 85-minute runtime, there were still plenty of questions that I didn't answer, so... apologies for any we missed, but I hope the discussion was interesting and/or informative -- and feel free to ask more questions in the comments here! Also, did you find this to be a valuable discussion? Would you want more of this podcast-type content on the site in the future?