It might be possible to get higher quality aerial footage than ever before from somewhat inexpensive aerial vehicles, but getting a digital cinema camera into a real helicopter with a gyroscope is still the best way to get rock-solid footage. If you've been wanting to add some beautiful aerial footage to your own films, but you can't afford the stock footage (or certainly the helicopter rental), you're in luck, because Luke Neumann has put together some high-quality Arri Alexa aerial footage, and the best part of all: he's giving away 5 shots completely Royalty Free on his website.

First, check out his review of the General Dynamics Cineflex Elite, provided by Aerial Film Works:


Luke mentioned to me that if you wanted to go out and buy some of this stock footage, it would very likely cost thousands of dollars -- and certainly if you wanted to film it yourself it would not be cheap. Here's a sample of some of the footage he'll be giving away:

There is no question the footage looks like it belongs in a $100 million dollar movie. It's clear that the Cineflex is a fantastic piece of gear, and as he said in the review, a good pilot and a good operator, combined with the right tool, can really join forces to produce some breathtaking stuff.

So how can you get your hands on the footage to use in your own projects? Well, all you have to do is head on over to Neumann Films, and subscribe to his blog, and you'll be sent a new shot every month for five months. While not all of the files will necessarily be 2.8K ARRIRAW (since some shots were not captured that way), they will all definitely be 1080p, and he's planning on giving both versions when possible.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to his website and sign up to start receiving your free footage.