Highland-icon-200x200After a little more than a year of beta testing, Highland, the screenwriting app from Quote-Unquote Apps, is now available for purchase in the Mac App Store. To promote the retail version, Highland is available for $10, half off its list price of $20, through the end of March. Highland lets writers write scripts in plain text and converts files between PDF, Final Draft (.fdx) and Fountain, a screenwriting markup language developed by Quote-Unquote Apps. To find out more about how Highland works and to get a free demo, check out the video and details below.

Here's a quick look at how Highland works:

One of the big advantages of Highland is its ability to melt PDFs into editable plain text files. This means screenwriters can share and edit scripts across screenwriting platforms, exporting their edited versions into PDF, Final Draft or Fountain format. If you don't write in Final Draft, but your writing partner does, you can use Highland as your go-between app. If you prefer to write in a text editor to focus on the words and not the formatting, you can use Highland to export your writing into Final Draft for formatting when you're done.

Also, Fountain markup language essentially future-proofs your screenplay to make it editable in any text editor. Got some old scripts in PDF format that you now want to edit in Final Draft? Highland can do that for you. Maybe you want to convert your .fdx files to Fountain in case a day comes when .fdx isn't the screenplay file industry standard. Highland has you covered there, too.

Additional highlights of the retail release of Highland include:

  • A new user interface
  • The addition of the Courier Prime font and the new Highland Sans font
  • Dark Mode for late-night writing
  • Fast pagination
  • Apple's speech-to-text dictation
  • A new app icon (I definitely dig it)

In his blog post announcement, John August mentions that Highland may not melt all PDFs. In fact, yesterday on Twitter, Highland user Carl Smith discovered that Highland didn't quite work well with PDFs from Fade In screenwriting software. Quote-Unquote immediately jumped on the thread to make this its top priority, and Fade In even offered to work with Quote-Unquote's Nima Yousefi to sort out the bug.

Want to kick the tires before you buy? There's a free demo for that. So check out what John August, Nima Yousefi and Ryan Nelson at Quote-Unquote Apps have to offer with Highland.

Take Highland for a spin and tell us what you think in the Comments (and tweet at Quote-Unquote and tell them what you think, too).


[via John August and Prolost]