UPDATE: the application form is now closed for this round, thanks!

We're working hard on my feature MANCHILD and the associated short, and we're looking for some extra hands on deck. I'd like to think this is a good opportunity; you'd be working directly with myself and other folks like Gotham Award-winning, Spirit Award-nominated producer Chip Hourihan, as well as some of the best post houses and web startups around. Read on if you're interested in interning and you're in New York City:

We're looking for help with launching a website, building a social media presence, interfacing with press, shooting behind-the-scenes material, applying best practices to releasing a short online, and moving forward with the feature production. If this piques your interest, here's what we're looking for from you:

  • Social media and general internet/computer skills (Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Dropbox)
  • Shooting and editing abilities
  • Passion for filmmaking a requirement
  • Passion for basketball a plus
  • New York City resident

This is an unpaid internship to start -- we've been calling in favors left and right to get the short made on a budget so as to leave the Kickstarter funds 100% untouched and reserved for the feature (I also answered some questions about the short here). However, the feature is coming down the line and that should bring with it plenty of opportunities. If you're interested, do not leave a comment (to that end, comments are off) -- instead, please fill out this quick form and I'll get back to you. Thanks!