Quentin-dupieux-reddit-ama1-224x126We're back with another entertaining discussion from Reddit's AMA (Ask Me Anything) section, this time with French music producer and director Quentin Dupieux, whose recent films Rubber (shot on the Canon 5D Mark II) and Wronghave both entertained and polarized audiences. Under his pseudonym Mr. Oizo (from the French oiseau, meaning 'bird'), Dupieux joins us from a computer at the Drafthouse Village in Austin, TX. Read the transcript and get some DSLR advice after the jump.

Here's the trailer for his first film Rubber (in cased you missed it):

1. How do you pick your actors? Is there some kind of casting or you just choose them because of their awesomeness?

A: i have this great casting director ( Donna Morong ) she puts a lot of people on tape for me, and i just pick up the best ones. usually i'm able to see if the actor understands the scene or not.

2.Rubber is my absolute favourite film, I cannot describe how much I love it. You clearly have intelligent messages and interesting comments in your films (For me Rubber makes a very well thought out comment on media audiences reiance on the media they consume and the tire seems to be a psychopathic killer who needs the media to make him famous to carry on killing), but does'nt it disappoint you that a lot of people read your films at surface level? Like all the people who say it's "weird for the sake of weird" or just laugh because it's a tire killing people and don't bother thinking about it?

A: everyone sees a different movie. i have no problem with this

3. I've heard you say that you moved your movies to the U.S because that's where you basically found the money to fund your work. What was the problem in France exactly? I thought Steak was a brilliant piece

A: no i moved because it is cheaper to shoot a movie in LA. but also, there's TONS of great actors here. it is a great place to make movies. but my movies are still financed by France

4.Hello, I have recently come across your movie Rubber and I was thinking should I watch it? What was you motivation behind it, because we don't see many movies where a Tire is the main character :D.

A: the motivation is always the same ; i'm just trying to escape the boring.. i'm a dreamer

5.I really loved Rubber, how was working with Arte? Did they sponsor you or how would you describe the process of working with them?

A: they just decided to buy the film when we told them it was going to the cannes festival. before that, they didn't really like it..

6.Hi, I watched Rubber and I liked it very much. It is pleasant to watch movies that are so different from the classic, straitfoward, predictable movies. It was a breath of fresh air for the cinephile that I am. I was just wondering what was your motivation behind Rubber? For the hell of it? To prove a point? Or was it the famous "no reason"?

A: no reason is a real guide. sounds like a joke, but i do believe that life is filled with no reason.

7.How do you sit down and write a film like Rubber or Wrong? Do you just allow yourself to be swept away in the quirky possibilities, or do you try to etch in some sort of message in there as well?

A: i don't like messages. i have nothing to say.

8.2001: A Space Odyssey  0-10 points? What's your opinion about Kubrick and much did he inspire you, in a positive or negative way?

2001 is a 6/10 for me. huge talent. beautiful shots. amazing script. but boring as shit. i'd rather watch raising arizona. that's a 10/10

9.What was your favorite film growing up? Stade 4?

A: raising arizona is my fav movie. loved it the first time i watched it, i think i was 15 yrs old.. i still love it the same way. it is the best movie ever made in my opinion. stade 4 isn't ready yet

10. Do you regret any project you worked on because it didn't turn out like you thought it would?

A: usually when a movie is done, after months of post production, i think it is bad.. then i watch it 2 years later and think it was brilliant.

11.How much convincing did you have to do with anyone when trying to get financing for Rubber? Was it a pretty straightforward, "I'd like to do a movie about a killer tire." "Sure, sounds great. Here's some money." How much pressure did you have to deal with about the idea of Rubber being a movie?

A: i'm very lucky to work with the best producer on earth, who is a very good friend at the same time. basically, he trusts me and just go out find money for my nonsense projects..

12.When you made 'Analog Worms Attack' did you use any drugs?

A: no, i was just young. being young is the best drug ever.

13. Did you direct the Levi's jeans advertisement featuring your music? Do you wear Levi's jeans?

A: i don't wear levi's jeans, i think they suck. but yes, back in the days i directed these levi's commercials.. that was a lot of fun

14. Could you explain what your process when it comes to composing music is like? What kind of gear are you using? Where are your samples coming from?

A: there is no process, i just follow my instinct. i use a laptop computer with some stupid softwares

15. Do you have any plans to revisit your old style and make an album similar to Analog Worms? Personally that was my favorite one you released.

A: it is boring to redo something you already did. sorry ! will keep on trying new stuff. can't go back to when i was 24

A conversation on DSLR filmmaking with Mr. Oizo:

Have any of you seen Dupieux's work? I missed a chance to see Wrong at last year's AFI Fest, but it's nice to see someone going out and making the tools they have work for them. I'm digging the AMA format as well, it's a fun way to get to know the people behind the films a little better. What do you think?

Link: I am filmmaker Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo, AmA -- Reddit