We still have about a week to go before the new Canon 5D Mark III firmware is released, and while attention has somewhat shifted since it was announced back in October, there are still many people looking forward to what uncompressed HDMI can bring to their setup. Canon has confirmed through their website that the firmware should be released April 30th, but in the meantime, we've got a sneak peek from the Atomos NAB 2013 booth thanks to OliviaTech. Check out the video below.

Here is Olivia Speranza of talking with Jeremy from Atomos:

It's really great that the camera is sending out timecode through the HDMI, so this is a little more advanced than just a simple clean HDMI firmware update. I would imagine  that's what has taken so long. In some ways, it's a little unfortunate that they've spent this much time, but clearly they wanted to do more than just remove the overlays and make the output fill the screen.

With timecode being sent out and the camera triggering record to the Atomos, you've got a really clean and easy-to-use system. I would assume it's possible to record the HDMI separately from the camera recording -- so would this mean that similar to Nikon's 60 minute record time with the D4 and D800 through HDMI, that the Mark III will be able to record longer than 30 minutes? That would be great for event shooting, where the clean high ISOs of the Mark III can come in handy.

We should know soon as the firmware is set to be released in just a week.

Link: Canon 5D Mark III Firmware Update Sneak Peak from NAB 2013 -- OliviaTech