Trinity Anderson is barely 12 years old and she makes me feel like I'm slacking: she knows how to operate a steadicam, has been animating for years, and just finished a successful kickstarter for her short called Me and Ewe. Seriously? I'm pretty sure at 12 years old all I did was play tetherball and draw really awful stick figure cartoons. (Come to think of it, not much has changed.) Trinity was ever-so-kind enough to sit down for a video interview with NFS to talk about anything from her Dragonframe stop-motion software, to her thoughts on gender equality in the movie biz.

From Trinity:

"I think as long as you have a good idea it doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy. I mean, Steven Spielberg and Frank Capra were both boys and they were good directors..."

Are you curious yet about Me and Ewe? Check out a few sneak peaks on her Kickstarter campaign page -- which finished well over her $2,750 goal. That's a lot of lunch money! If you didn't get in on it, don't worry -- it won't be the last you hear about the project. Follow Me and Ewe on Facebook and you'll find out how and when you can watch the finished film. Trinity says it should be about five minutes long.

Thank you Trinity and Barry, and good luck!


So how old were you when you first started making movies?