NAB Video: Cinevate Axis Jib

We took a look at the Cinevate Axis Jab at last year's NAB, but they've made quite a few improvements that really make this even more set-ready. Our friends at FreshDV checked out the jib this year at the Cinevate booth, and talked with Dennis Wood about some of the changes and improvements over the model they were showing at NAB 2012. Watch the video below:

Video is no longer available:

$2,300 might seem like a lot at first, but this isn't a DSLR jib (since it can hold 50 pounds or more), this is a professional tool designed to give you results in all sorts of situations. With the pan and tilt head, you can accomplish some moves that would have normally required a much more expensive device. I really like the marking rings, as repeating moves with a manual jib is next to impossible. This makes it that much easier.

Head on over to the Cinevate website to check out the jib as well as the rest of their support gear.


Disclosure: Cinevate is a No Film School advertiser.

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After about 3 years since we (or I, at least) first started seeing these videos from Fresh DV, they still fail miserably on the audio. I can't believe I've been the only one to point this out to them on the various sites they appear on.

Here we have a guy who is ostensibly a video pro and yet knows nothing re audio. Does he not understand the fundamental principle of signal-to-noise ratio, i.e. holding the mic closer than waist level to his own mouth or that of the talent's???

Does he not understand that the audio can be greatly improved in post by very easily rolling off at least 80-100Hz of the bass??? If not with a switch on the mic itself or on the recorder if an option there?

A couple of cheapo Sennheiser wireless lavs would dramatically improve things over what we hear on these videos.

The last time I had the nerve to criticize them, a couple of years ago, they offered some weak, slightly indignant, and lamo excuse. Pure amateur-hour.

May 3, 2013 at 9:34AM, Edited September 4, 8:21AM