NAB-2013-FreshDVWe mention 4k a lot around here, mainly because it's something most filmmakers will have to work with at some point in the near future if they haven't already. While 4k acquisition is certainly a separate topic from 4K distribution, both are important conversations, and FreshDV took to the NAB show floor to discuss the topic with filmmakers:

The Canon C100 post by Ryan E. Walters got plenty of attention on No Film School recently, and I think a lot of what he was saying was echoed in the video above. I've written quite a few posts on 4k, and while I believe it is going to come very quickly once a few hurdles are overcome, the reality is, many projects will not have a shelf life long enough to require 4k. There are a number of advantages to capturing in the format even if you're going back down to 1080p, but I think at the moment it's more a question of wanting to have the flexibility (and possible "future-proofing) vs. needing to have 4k because it's going to be shown that way.

I believe this will change over the next few years, and I've been on record as saying that I think beginning in 2017 HDTVs will no longer be made (it may even be earlier with how fast things are moving), but it's definitely possible if compression gets better that 4k will take hold in movie theaters and on the internet long before it does in broadcast TV.

What do you guys think?

Link: FreshDV