Rgrain - Realistic Film Grain Plates for Your Digital FootageOne of the secrets to getting your digital footage a little more cinematic is to add some grain in post. While even footage originating on film sometimes gets this treatment, it's a nice way to bring back some organic feeling into an otherwise clinical medium. Rgrain, who has been producing realistic grain plates (not actual scanned grain) for some time now, is introducing a brand new pack that extends all the way up to 6K resolution. Check out an introduction video below:

Here is a little more about what's included from their website:

New Professional Ultra High-Resolution 35mm Rgrain Plate in 6K resolution (6144x3160) based on our most popular plate. (RG 35mm Lush)

• For professional high-resolution cinema cameras (Red Epic / Scarlet Dragon, Sony F65-55, Arri Alexa’s, Canon EOS-1D C - C500, BlackMagic 4K and 2.5K). 
• The 35mm PRO 6K also works great with all existing 1080P DSLR cameras.*
• Beyond 4K - full control over grain thickness. Create multiple looks using only one plate.
• ProRes 422 at 23.976 fps (The clip loops for 30sec—3.8Gb total download.)
• 35mm ultra-realistic digitally created film stock emulation.

Before everyone loses their mind, be sure to check out the video above, because one of the advantages to having plates this large is that if you are working with a final resolution below 6K (which most people will be doing until we get our hands on some RED DRAGON sensors), you can resize in post to fit your needs. While these aren't actually scanned grain plates, many have been hard-pressed to tell the different (but certainly there is a bit of personal preference involved).

The new 35mm 6K grain pack is $35, and if you want everything that Rgrain makes that will set you back $100. They also have two other packages available that are 1080p only for $50 and $75. Check out their website for more information on all of them.

Link: Rgrain