Some awesome relics from the past continue to float to the internet's surface, and this series of videos goes behind the scenes on Spike Lee's 1989 breakout film Do the Right Thing, which constitutes a day (the hottest day) in the life of a community in Brooklyn.

Spike brought a small camera along to document the development of the actors, and provides a candid look into the heart of the independent filmmaking process. Hit the jump to watch the video below.

It's fascinating to see everybody working together in the thick of the creative process, and watching Spike Lee direct from early on. Films are platforms for ideas, and it takes a lot of people to bring these ideas to life. If you're directing a film, I think it's essential to sit down and discuss the ideas behind the work you're preparing to do, and getting your actors on the same page with you. For a script that Spike Lee penned in only two weeks, the relationship with the actors becomes even more important, and he's quoted as saying "Do the Right Thing was like the first film where I really felt comfortable working with actors."

Do the Right Thing helped launch a lot of careers, namely that of Rosie Perez, and it's cool to see some of the hesitations and struggles she expresses during that time. As you can see in the third video, she talks about having trouble getting into it, being that she never intended on acting or being a part of a film at all. As always, join the discussion in the comments below.