BeSteady_01Ever since the MōVi stepped on the handheld stabilization scene, we've seen an incredible swell of gyro-stabilizers coming on the market. The BeSteady One is one of those, but, not only does it give you incredible stability to get great footage (as you'll see later,) it won't empty your bank account -- not even close. In fact, it's one of the least expensive that we've seen so far. The 4-person design team, based out of the Canary Islands, has finally wrapped development and is ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of this cheaper and very capable gyro-stabilization option. Check out specs, videos, and prices after the jump.

Here's a quick rundown of what the BeSteady One is.  It's a handheld gimbal stabilizer that uses gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers, as well as special software, to establish the position of your camera. The construction is composed of 3 axes which move thanks to the direct drive of brushless direct-drive motors. And the developers say that it's completely silent.

Here is BeSteady's Max Salamonowicz to show you the final prototype of the BeSteady One. This as well as the other videos come from BeSteady's Vimeo page.

Check out the videos below to see what it can do:

BeSteady also offers a bunch of accessories and modules. The stabilizer itself may be fitted with any number of these thanks to the BeSteady Handheld module, which comes with the Accessorium, which enables the installation of accessories on the tubing, such as HD Paralinx transmission module, preview display, battery, etc. Not only that, but the Multirotor Adapter allows for the stabilizer to be hooked up to a flying device (this adapter will also be available in specialized versions to fit the frames of specific multirotor producers.)

The stabilizer runs on a rechargeable battery, which keeps its charge for one hour. A charge display screen shows the operator the charge level of the battery as well as the amount of time left on the battery.

The maximum weight the stabilizer can handle, with camera and add-ons included, is 4.4 lbs (2 kg), and the BeSteady website has compiled this list of compatible cameras (cross your fingers):


  • Sony Alfa series
  • Canon 5D
  • Canon 7D
  • Sony NEX-3/-5/-7
  • Panasonic GH1
  • Panasonic GH2
  • Panasonic GH3
  • Sony CX730/760
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • Similar models

Okay -- are you ready for the price? BeSteady released this pricing table on their Facebook page to show you the several bundles you can choose from.


The BeSteady team will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the BeSteady One. I'm sure once production begins, and the closer we get to being able to pre-order, the more information will be available on their website. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

What do you think about the BeSteady One? Does it give the highly publicized MōVi a run for its money? Is the price reasonable for indie filmmakers? (I think so!)