Apple Macbook Air Pricing WWDC 2103Apple didn't just take the wraps off their new revolutionary Mac Pro mini-tower -- they also made some serious internal improvements to their Macbook Air line. While the Macbook Air has always fallen somewhere in the middle in terms of being a fully featured laptop and a beefier tablet, the new models certainly make a case for their existence based on battery life alone.

[Update]: Specs and pricing for the Macbook Airs from the Apple Store, which will both be available starting to day from Apple:



Even though battery life has never been leaps and bounds above a laptop (or tablet, for that matter), the new Airs are definitely carving space in the market for themselves by being unbelievably energy-efficient. Apple is touting 9 hours for the 11-inch model and 12 hours for the 13-inch model. This is quite a leap from the previous generation, and they are also claiming that you'll get 1o hours of battery life while watching videos with the 13-incher -- which is impressive.

Specs look to be getting a slight improvement, and the new Airs are also getting the faster 802.11ac WiFi cards:

Internals of Macbook Air at WWDC 2013

But the real benefit will be in battery life -- first what they're getting now:


And what they'll be getting in the new version:



Link: Macbook Air -- Apple Store