We've got another fantastic behind the scenes video from Michael Coleman at SoundWorks Collection, and this time it's an in-depth look at the sound design for Pixar's return to the Monsters, Inc. universe, Monsters University. If you've never thought about what goes into creating sound for an animation, there is a terrific breakdown of a scene from the film. Click through to check it out:

I think the breakdown is one of the better examples I've seen in any of the SoundWorks videos so far, because we actually get to hear the thought process, what worked and didn't work, and how each of the elements came together as a whole. Obviously with an animated film, everything has to be created in post, so each element on-screen that would normally be generating sound needs to be constructed later on. I think sometimes sound is thought of as a mysterious art, but it's a lot of trial-and-error just like anything else.

I didn't get a chance to see the film in Dolby Atmos, but I can only image it's probably like being on a ride at Disney World, as my experience seeing Oblivion in Dolby Atmos felt that way. If you do manage to make it out for the film, the pre-film short, The Blue Umbrella, is pretty fantastic, and the quality of the animation is simply stunning. Here's a trailer:

What did you think of the movie? How about the short before the film?