The Sony F5 and F55 have both been out for about half a year now, and if you've been hoping for some changes in the firmware update schedule outlined by Sony back in February , your wish has been granted. The company has been listening to feedback from users, and they're adjusting the update schedule, adding 240fps 2K RAW to the F5, as well as giving free ND filter knob upgrades for both cameras. If you've already got either camera, or you've been considering an upgrade, Sony has just added a ton of value to both, so check below for what you can expect over the next few weeks and months.

Some of the changes outlined by Peter Crithary in the Sony Forum :

Some major changes to the firmware timeline include the support of exposure tools, (more are coming in addition to what is listed in the charts), and the addition of 1.3 x Anamorphic. False Color is confirmed but exact implementation is being finalized and will be announced soon.

And later:

After significant feedback about the F5 high frame rate, we studied the possibility of increasing HFR to the same level as that of the F55, which is up to 240 frames per second. As a result of this effort we are proud to implement 240fps in the F5 in a future firmware update.

2K RAW: September will see the same frame rate values being implemented as the F55 which are 120P, 180P, and 240P.

XAVC HD: Both cameras will have 120P HFR

Later we will implement the S low/ Q uick mode, meaning each frame can be individually dialed in, up to 240fps speed. (Refer to the charts below for more information)

ND filter knob – We are going to provide an upgraded filter knob for FREE later this month. Details will follow.

New Cables – For purchase, new cables connecting the DVF-EL100 OLED VF to the camera body will be available, expected later in July.

B4 2/3" lens adapter is confirmed, details will be posted here when available

Probably in light of consumer feedback and some increased competition from the rest of the camera industry, the Sony F5 is getting many of the features that were only going to find their way into the F55. Here is the updated firmware schedule:





For more information, check out the Sony forum using the link below.

Link: NEW Firmware Timeline Charts - July 2013 -- Sony Community Forum