Filmmaker Paul Trillo (full disclosure: a fellow Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective member, and also my former roommate) used chromakey suits to novel effect in his music video Lonely, and now he's back with a new experimental short that finds clever uses for chromakey suits -- as well as a high-speed Phantom Miro camera. Check out SALIENCE, an experimental short:

Here's a brief look at the making-of, courtesy of our brand new No Film School YouTube channel. Our nifty intro animation is also, fittingly enough, courtesy Paul:

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The Phantom Miro Paul had didn't come with CineMags -- which nullifies much of the advantage of shooting with an untethered small camera -- but the idea is that the Miro allows for much more operator-friendly high-speed shooting at lower rental rates and with less of a support crew. There are some more details on the shoot courtesy our friends at AbelCine.