Brian KoppelmanSince the introduction of Vine, we've seen the 6-second video looping app used for art, inspired memes, and even an attempt at a feature film. Vine begs the question: what can you do in 6 seconds of video? Screenwriter Brian Koppelman realized that 6 seconds is just enough time to offer a clear and concise screenwriting tip. Plus, at only 6 seconds a clip, you can make a bunch of Vines with screenwriting tips in quick succession - Koppelman is up to 26 so far. So, take 60 seconds and check out the first 10 screenwriting tips from Koppelman below.

Just in case you don't recognize the name Brian Koppelman, he and his screenwriting partner David Levien have written the screenplays for such films as Rounders, Ocean's ThirteenThe Girlfriend Experience and the upcoming Runner Runner. He's no screenwriting guru -- he has some choice words for them in the Vines below. You can follow Koppelman on Twitter to get his latest Vines, but here's a quick introduction to his no-nonsense screenwriting tips:

Which 6-second screenwriting tip from Brian Koppelman resonates with you? Do Koppelman's tips inspire you to write your screenplay? Share your thoughts and your own tips in the comments.

Link: Brian Koppelman's Vine Screenwriting Tips -- Twitter

[via Indiewire]