Last week, Blackmagic Design released version 10 of its world-renowned grading application, DaVinci Resolve. Beyond some of the more obvious enhancements that will benefit independent filmmakers, most notably the fact that the free version of Resolve now supports 4K content, the folks at Blackmagic have introduced some really astounding and innovative new features that are sure to make a difference in your color grading workflow. SpliceNPost, a New York post production house, has put together a comprehensive video overview of the best new features in Resolve 10. Check it out:

Here are ten new features in DaVinci Resolve that you can't afford to miss:

One of the most surprising features in version 10 of Resolve is the fully featured "Edit" section that now sits between the "Media" and "Color" windows at the bottom of the application. Resolve is now absolutely capable of being an efficient online editing system, complete with most of the basic editing and audio features that you would find in just about any NLE. Of course, most people will still want to use their NLE of choice for offline editing and just use Resolve to transcode, color, and conform, but it's nice to know that those tools are available directly in Resolve, just in case editorial changes need to be made after the coloration process.

Another new feature in Resolve 10 -- one that is deceptively simple, yet paramount for effective color work -- is the ability to split screen selected clips. Features like this make the process of matching shots easier than ever before. Blackmagic has also added the ability to create multiple versions of a grade and then view all of the versions in a split screen viewer. This feature will undoubtedly make the creative process of previewing multiple variations of a grade simpler than ever.

It's clear at this point that Blackmagic is not only set on making Resolve as powerful, pragmatic, and user-friendly as it can possibly be, but that they're really pushing to innovate and make Resolve one of the foremost tools in digital post production. If you haven't already picked up the lite version of Resolve 10, head on over to Blackmagic's site and download it.

What do you guys think of the new features in Resolve 10? What features would you like to see in future iterations of the software? Let us know in the comments!

Link: Top 10 New Features in Davinci Resolve 10 from SpliceNPost -- YouTube