Vimeo EchoVideo technology is at an explosive crossroads as the mobile experience perpetuates our media landscape. With apps like Instagram and Vine, creators are constantly redefining how images are experienced. With the acquisition of Echograph, Vimeo changed the iOS app from its $2.99 market price to a free app, suggesting that they are most interested in exploring what draws people to a mobile experience. Hit the jump for more info and a juicy interview with Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor:

Vimeo is keeping on the entire L.A. based Echograph team, and its creator Nick Alt will become Vimeo's VP of Mobile. While we don't yet know what Vimeo's plans are for the GIF service, it's likely we'll see soon, seeing as competitors like Vine have caught on like wildfire and are steadily growing. It's possible that the two services will never really overlap, but it's clear that Vimeo is putting a massive emphasis on exploring the potential of the mobile experience, both for audiences and creators.


An Echograph Staff Pick by Gabe Miller

DM Confidential adds an excellent point pertinent to filmmakers:

Marketers should be paying attention because this breath of fresh air in the video-/GIF-sharing arena brings opportunities in a realm that isn’t rife with competitors yet. Engagement campaigns are one idea brands can run with on these apps. However, these videos/GIFs, though short, will require storytelling, a skill that wasn’t necessarily needed for tweeting and taking filtered photos.

For speculative fun, what do you think are some ways Vimeo will utilize this technology partnership? Share in the comments below.

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