Pulp FictionThere's something eerily satisfying about the juxtaposition of childhood and adulthood -- for instance, the world of Edward Scissorhands comes to mind. I distinctly recall the first time I played GTA 2 after years and years of playing Mario Kart exclusively, thinking videos games were for kids. After I mowed down a group of pedestrians I said to myself, "My god -- I wasn't ready to grow up." This juxtaposition is part of what makes these now viral illustrations depicting some of the most iconic (and also bloody, terrifying, and violent) scenes in cinematic history so awesome -- it's like walking into the children's nursery in Peter Pan, and being greeted by Cujo instead of Nana. Continue on to check them out.

These illustrations, crafted by Pixar artist and Story Supervisor Josh Cooley, have been absolutely everywhere on the internet. I've been bombarded (in a good way) by images from his collection, seen them on Twitter, as well as Reddit, and literally everywhere else I frequent online. They're that good! And I'm not even talking about the artfulness of Cooley's work, though that's incredible as well, but they're good in a meeting-a-special-need kind of way.

Like I said before, there's something deeply satisfying about mixing the world we've come to know as adults with the one we knew when we were kids, and seeing as we're probably all huge cinephiles, films are and have always been a huge part of our lives. If you were like me and had a dad that didn't know the meaning of the phrase "may be unsuitable for children", you probably watched your fair share of Disney movies and horror flicks. If so, Cooley's illustrations are all the sweeter, because in a way -- that's kind of how you experienced those films in your traumatized kid brain in the first place.

Check out a selection of the 25 illustrations below.












You might be psyched to know that all of these awesome pieces of art are in the process of being included in a book entitled Movies R Fun!: A Collection of Cinematic Classics for the Pre-(Film) School Cinephilebut if you want to get your hands on single prints to hang up, Cooley can do that for you. Just head on over to his website!

[All images courtesy of Josh Cooley]


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