Gareth Edwards, who you might know from his very DIY film Monsters, is back with another monster film, Godzilla. While he's got quite a bit more money to spend on this project than the last ($160 million versus Monsters which was made for under $1 million), the basic aspects of filmmaking are no different, and regardless of budget, it still takes the same discipline. Gareth, who has been in VFX most of his career, has been working towards his goal of becoming a director from a very early age, and shares some fantastic advice to all filmmakers:

Even though it might look like it from the outside, as Gareth says, nothing happens overnight. He'd been plugging away in the industry for years, cutting his teeth on all sorts of projects. The key idea is that filmmaking of any kind, regardless of budget level and regardless of the actual position you have on set, is a marathon, and even though the finish line might seem like it's miles away, you will eventually get there if you keep at it and "never give up." It's also great that he talks about buying all the tools necessary to work on his own, but it still took him many, many years to finally achieve his goal.

Gareth talking about the film and science fiction more specifically:

And Gareth on why monsters still matter (from The Verge):

Here are some trailers for Godzilla followed by the trailer for Monsters:

[via Indiewire & The Verge]