a7sWe've been anxiously waiting for Sony's press conference today from NAB, since word is they'll officially announce their brand new 4K camera. Well -- no more waiting. Introducing Sony's A7s, which boasts ultra-high sensitivity up to ISO 409,600, high color fidelity, 4K HDMI video output, and 120fps/720p recording. Not only that, but Sony has also released the details about what firmware version 4.0 has to offer F5 and F55 users.

The A7s

Well, there was much speculation, but the "s" in A7s stands for "sensitivity", a kind that is unparalleled at this level. The full-frame, palm sized camera boasts many exciting features that will not only be desirable for low-budget filmmakers, but professional-level shooters and photographers as well. Here's a list of a few key features of the A7s:

  • Wide ISO sensitivity setting from 50 to 409600 and unprecedented dynamic range
  • World’s first full-frame sensor capable of full pixel read-out without pixel binning process for movie and 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) HDMI video output
  • Professional video functions including XAVC S Full HD recording at 50Mbps, time code and optional XLR audio inputs
  • High ISO sensitivity range allows faster shutter speeds during low light shooting
  • α Mount System compatible with a wide range of high quality lenses, including power zoom lens ideal for movie shooting
  • Improved Fast Intelligent AF performance in light as low as EV-4
  • Ultra compact, light-weight body for comfortable pro-style operation

Sony A7s

Den Lennie of F-Stop Academy was asked by Sony to shoot some test footage with the A7s, and though we can't embed them here, you can check out the videos on his blog.

F5 & F55 Updates

Sony made several significant announcements during their press conference at NAB, one of which was particularly exciting. Sony has announced firmware version 4.0 for their F5 and F55 cameras, which includes picture cache recording and user-generated LUT support, but what's really exciting is the introduction of the ENG-style/documentary docking unit, which will allow users more mobility when shooting out in the field.

Sony reports that these upgrades were made and decided upon with user feedback in mind. They've announced that users will now be able to upgrade their F5 cameras to an F55. Not only that, but they're also offering users an optional hardware upgrade that will add 3rd party codecs, including Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD.

Stay tuned for more big announcements from NAB.

Link: Sony A7s

[via DP Review]