RigWheels PortaRail SystemWe've talked about some nifty gear from RigWheels before, but the thing that separates their gear from some other solutions is modularity. You can put together a dolly or camera mount with as little or as much of their gear as you'd like, and most of it can be adapted to other rigs you might already own. This year at NAB, we talked to Lance about the new PortaRail collapsible dolly/slider rail system. This system can fit inside one case and features 40" long high-grade aluminum pipes that connect together seamlessly with threaded connectors. Check out the interview below:

The PortaRail system starts from $500 and goes up to $1,100 for the rails, connectors, and brackets. For heavier cameras and rigs, you will probably want the brackets, but you don't have to add a RigWheels dolly if you already own a small dolly, as these rails are essentially the same size as speed rail.

More about PortaRail:

PortaRail of course works great with our dolly and silider systems but it can also be used with systems from many other manufacturers. The outside diameter or PortaRail is 1.65″ (41.9mm) This is about the same size as “grip-pipe” or “speed-rail” which many suspended and ground rail systems are designed to work on. Some ground-rail systems use delicate tube and connectors that are easily damaged. The PortaRail system is strong and ridged and won’t be ruined by a false step. If you love your rail based system but wish it were stronger or easier to transport, PortRail is the solution.

And also new is their Universal End Brackets:

You can find the PortaRail and all of the other RigWheels gear we talked about in the video over on their website.



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