Reinvent HollywoodFandor CEO Ted Hope has been on a mission for quite some time to reinvent the way we do business in the film industry -- replacing antiquated business models with new ones that will not only give viewers what they want, when and how they want it, but put filmmakers in a position where they'll get what they need as artists. But what would this complete industry reboot look like? What would a better system be for artists, audiences, and the overall business? Well, that's what Hope, Fandor, and The Reinventors are aiming to explore with their new video series Reinvent Hollywood, which launched yesterday. Continue on to watch the first episode, as well as join in on this important conversation.

To get a better understanding of where Hope and The Reinventors are coming from, check out this video that introduces you to the series:

The great thing about Reinvent Hollywood is that it has opened up a dialog about something filmmakers have been thinking for a long, long time, that the current model just doesn't work for the vast majority of us, nor does it for our audiences. In fact, the way we do business often relegates artists, putting more value on the ticket sales a film brings in than anything else -- to the point that, now, we have a system driven by "what sells" rather than "what's good" -- or at least "what the artist/audience wants".

Furthermore, the way we tell stories in cinema has remained relatively unchanged for the last 120 years, and Hope believes that as audiences and artists change, so should the medium and the way we consume it. There are many, many possibilities out there -- cinema could potentially become a much more dynamic art form, but we may need to rethink the way we do things. Reinvent Hollywood has started that conversation.

The first episode, a roundtable discussion featuring Karim Ahmed, Michel Rielhac, Liz Rosenthal, Tiffany Shlain, and Lance Weiler, focuses on the form, both asking what is wanted from this cinematic art form, as well as exploring new, innovative ways of storytelling. Check it out below. (Be sure to also check out the episode's page in order to get more info, including an incredibly valuable reading list.)

The episodes of the Reinvent Hollywood series includes: The FormThe ArtistsThe AudienceThe BusinessThe Festivals, Schools, Non-Profits, and The Rules of the Game. They will take place every two weeks, so be sure to check out the website for more as it comes in.

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