EnhanceWorking in film is no picnic, regardless of what your job is on set, and sometimes it's (extremely) necessary to let your hair down, relax your gut, and laugh at how absurd it can all be. Evan Luzi gives you a perfect opportunity to do just that in his recent post on The Black and Blue that illustrates with 30 hilarious GIFs what life is like working as a camera assistant -- or as we call it in independent film, hat #2001 -- or whatever -- #6 billion.

Everybody needs a good sprinkling of funny GIFs in their life -- I like to get mine daily -- and it's great that there are compilations out there that highlight the very unique experience of working on a film set. We've shared a similar collection of reaction GIFs that revealed the madness of being a DP, so Luzi's is a welcomed addition, for sure.

So, take a gander at the selection from Luzi's post below. I think you'll find that not only are they right on point with how life on-set really is (not only for ACs, but one-man-show indie filmmakers), but they're hilarious and will definitely eat up a big chunk of the time you probably should be spending being productive and -- you know -- working.

200mm. F1.8. Camera on dolly:

cam on dolly

When the mag is about to roll out during a take:

empty mag

Bumping up the resolution on a RED Epic:


When a director actually moves on after one take, I look at the DP like:

one take

A big thanks to Evan Luzi for putting these GIFs together! Be sure to go to The Black and Blue to check the rest of them out, and just in case you can't get enough (you won't be able to), here's a collection Luzi put together of general filmmaking reaction GIF memes.

Link: The Life of a Camera Assistant as Told Through GIFs -- The Black and Blue