If you have a great movie idea, but you just don't have the resources to pull it off, music licensing site The Music Bed is putting together a really interesting contest called Project Film Supply. The contest, which starts today and ends September 1st, is accepting film ideas for projects that are 10-15 minutes in length, and they will be giving away a total of $50,000 in prizes to three winners. As one of the sponsors of the contest, No Film School will also be featuring a post about the grand prize-winning film here on the site.

Check out the launch video for Project Film Supply:

What They're Looking For

Here are the details straight from the Project Film Supply FAQ:

The Music Bed team will be choosing the Grand Prize. Both of the other prizes will be based off of voting. We will be looking for a film that:

  • Would be around 10-15 minutes in length
  • Could be shot in 10-14 days (Canon c500, Movi M10 & Lens rentals will be for 14 days)
  • Inspires a community of artists to do better, create more, help others, etc…
  • If you need to be inspired, spend some time on our Vimeo channel here

The video does not have to be specific to “the arts”, but it does need to be inspiring. Hint: We will most likely NOT be choosing a horror movie as the grand prize winner.

Check out the other two prize packages here. If you follow The Music Bed on Twitter and use the hashtag #ProjectFilmSupply, there will be additional prizes each week.


How the Contest Works

  • Step 1: For one month (starting August 4), we’ll ask the filmmaking community to submit a short film idea + mood board for the project they’ve always dreamed of creating.
  • Step 2: Those who submit an idea will ask their friends, family, and followers to vote for their projects.
  • Step 3: The Community + TMB will decide which three film concepts rise to the top and which one absolutely has to become a reality (the two runners up will receive loads of incredible prizes). Enter your film idea at themusicbed.com/projectfilmsupply.

More Details

The contest is open to people outside of the US, but they will not be able to honor the gear rentals because of customs issues (though you'd still get the other prizes if you won). There are also some specifics about how much time you have if you win:

If you win the Grand, Second, or Third Prize, your rentals (and in the case of the Grand Prize, monetary value) will be redeemable for 12 months beginning September 2, at the close of Project Film Supply. This is not the case however, for the portion of the prize packages that are gear giveaways - those prizes will be shipped to the winners upon the closing of the competition. We also require the winner of the gear rentals to provide three weeks notice of their rental to insure the gear is available and will be ready for the intended project.

If you have a specific project in mind, and you're looking for some resources to make that idea a reality, head on over to the Project Film Supply website to enter your idea, create a mood board, and start collecting votes.