GoPro may be announcing the HERO4 Silver and Black sometime in the next week or so, but apparently they've got another model up their sleeves, a sub-$200 version called the HERO, which is looking very similar to the lower-end HERO3 White. Here's our first look at it courtesy of Rozetked and PetaPixel (the audio is Russian but there are English subtitles):

PetaPixel broke the news on the HERO4, and they also released information on this camera prior to the video above being released. This all seems to indicate that these are definite leaks to real products.



  • 1080p 30fps
  • 720p 60fps
  • 5MP 5fps Burst mode
  • MicroSD Card Slot (Compatible with up to 32GB cards)
  • 2.5 Hour Battery
  • QuikCapture: Power the camera and begin recording with one button press (HERO4 also has this)
  • Waterproof Case is non-removable
  • Weight: 3.9oz
  • Price: $200 or Less (Not yet confirmed)

GoPro HERO Back Angled

As far as specs and performance, this is basically the same as the HERO3 White, which means that hopefully the price is well below $200 (that's what the current White retails for). This model removes a number of features (like HDMI), and also makes the case non-removable. This will certainly have lower performance than the HERO4 Silver and Black based on the video comparison above, so its usefulness will be more limited to situations where you're in decent light and you don't really need slow motion — or you're fine with 720p slow motion. The good thing about a cheaper model from my perspective is that it hurts a little less when it gets destroyed.

Either way, it won't be too long before these are official, so we'll see exactly where all of the models stand relatively soon.

Source: Rozetked