However, what's not as widely known is that many of the same types of touchups can also be performed on video. Of course, there's a whole hell of a lot of masking, tracking, and feathering involved, all of which can seem overly-tedious and intimidating for someone just starting out with video post production and VFX work. 

Luckily, an industrious YouTuber named Mikey has a terrific tutorial on retouching skin in After Effects. Check it out!

Of course, depending on the type of story that you're telling, skin touchups may or may not push ethical boundaries. Documentaries and other types of non-fiction storytelling almost certainly won't warrant that type of VFX work. However, for narrative filmmakers trying to give their actors and actresses the glamorous Hollywood aesthetic, these techniques can make a real difference in the quality of the final image. Retouching of this sort can also help to rectify makeup issues that weren't caught on set. Additionally, these techniques can also apply to wedding filmmakers who are attempting to craft memories for their clientele.

What do you guys think of performing skin touchups on video? When is it ethical, and when are the ethics of it questionable? What tips and techniques do you use for this kind of work? Let us know down in the comments!