For years, the fine folks over at the Criterion Collection have been commissioning original designs from acclaimed artists and designers to create unique covers, posters, and supplemental art for their film releases. As a celebration of this veritable mountain of original film-inspired art, Criterion recently released a beautiful hardcover coffee table book called Criterion Designs that showcases all of this unique art and then some. 

In order to promote the new book, Criterion also had kogonada (a talented filmmaker/video essayist whose work has been featured here many times) put together a one-of-a-kind video which showcases the art of the Criterion Designs in a way that is visually engaging and downright fun to watch. Have a look:

There's just so much to love about this video. From kogonada's tremendously precise, yet inspiringly creative match cutting to the three decade's worth of unique art that makes an appearance in the video, it's just a visual treat like no other. And it gets even better on the second watch.

Source: Criterion Collection