It follows that smaller light sources are the way of the future for many of us taking advantage of these powerful new cameras. Of the new wave of compact lighting products that are making their way to market -- the Scorpion Light is a personal favorite -- none is as mind-blowingly minuscule as Relio, a USB-powered LED fixture that features a relatively high output and high CRI values, all in a package that can fit in your pocket.

Here's the Relio launch video:

The Relio light comes in three different models, each with a different color temperature. There are 3000K, 3500K, and 4500K models, each of which outputs roughly 200 lumens of light at a CRI between 92 and 96, which makes the Relio far more color-accurate than many of the inexpensive LED lights on the market today.


Additionally, the fact that it is USB powered -- which seems a bit strange at first -- is another major advantage. Obviously it can be powered just by being plugged into a computer, but it can also be plugged into a generic USB wall charger (for phones and tablets and such), or if you really need portability, you can use the wireless power packs that are used to charge electronics on the go. 

While the Relio seems targeted at photographers working on product and macro shots, it will definitely find uses in the filmmaking space as well. Because of its size, the Relio will make a fantastic accent light to get illumination in tight spaces. Because the mount on the Relio is an industry-standard 1/4-20, it can literally be mounted to almost anything.

The Relio will cost you €69 (or roughly $87 depending on the exchange rate), so it's a relatively affordable piece of kit compared to most lighting gear. Unfortunately, it's currently out of stock on the Relio website, but you can sign up to be notified when a new batch is manufactured.

Source: Relio