There has never been a better time to get in on the RAW-shooting Super 16mm digital camera. Not only are they shipping cameras with a Micro 4/3 mount, but they have hard drive sizes up to 1TB internally, which gives you more than 3 hours of recording time in 2K.

Best of all, we've partnered with Digital Bolex, and with an exclusive code just for NFS readers (COUNTDOWNNFS), you can save 10% on a D16 through January 2nd with a purchase of at least $3,500 (which is extended one day from their normal holiday sale):

Digital Bolex D16 NFS Sale

And here's the entire 5 day sale that's been going on, and will be up until midnight on January 1st (keep in mind our deal is extended one more day):

Digital Bolex 5 Day Sale

And more of what's new from the team at Digital Bolex, which includes a 1TB option, and the ability to upgrade your current camera if you already own one:

Digital Bolex 1TB

And here's the new D16 MFT, which has a passive Micro 4/3 mount (you can also just get the mount only if you've got a D16 already):

Digital Bolex D16 MFT

If you haven't seen the quality that's possible with the D16, here's a recent commercial for Cafe Breno shot by A. Burak Turan on the Digital Bolex:

Don't forget, Digital Bolex also sells a completely Monochrome camera, which gives you far richer tones than simply converting RAW footage to black and white. Here's some footage shot by Peter HP Stadelmann on the D16M:

For more, head on over to the Digital Bolex site.

Source: Digital Bolex Shop