Think about it. In most cases, your titling — whether it's just the logo of your production company or a complex title sequence for a feature film — is among the first things that the audience sees. If your titling is dull and uninspired, you set a pretty bad precedent for the work that follows. Luckily, with tools like After Effects, Motion, and all of the high-end node-based compositing and animation software, the possibilities for what you can do with titling are limited only by your imagination.

Here's Andrew Kramer of Video CoPilot to show you how to create vividly detailed cascading polygonal animations that you can use to lead into company logos and film titles, or you can just use these animations on their own because they look totally badass. And the best part, it's extremely easy to do in After Effects, even if you're not an AE wizard like Andrew Kramer.

Have you guys ever used animations like these to spice up your titling? Share the techniques that you used down in the comments, and it you want to, link to a video of the results!

Source: Video CoPilot