NoBudge Announces 2014 Award-Winning Films (Now Streaming Free)

2014 NoBudge Award Winners
NoBudge is one of the premier destinations for "true" independent movies with a thriving viewership of filmmakers. Check out the best of the crop from 2014.

2014 is over and we've got our share of end-of-year lists and films to catch up. But before you move on and launch into a steady meal of 2015 titles, here's a few more indies from last year to add to your docket.

Great year at NoBudge! We acknowledge some of our favorites with the 2nd Annual NoBudge Awards...

Best Film: Joy Kevin
Best Feature: Merely Players
Best Short: Santa Monica
Best Comedy: (tie) Men’s ThanksgivingThe Greggs
Best Drama: Almost Family
Best Experimental: (tie) The OvertureWe’ll Be Happy Over There
Best Director: Jason Giampietro, Whiffed Out
Best Screenplay: Jeremy Hersh, Natives
Best Cinematography: Barrett Phillips, Kami
Best Editing: (tie) Joe Peeler, Gooses, Tony Oswald, We’ll Be Happy Over There
Best Female Performance: Tallie Medel, Joy Kevin
Best Male Performance: Adam Leotta, Merely Players
Best Ensemble Performance: Men’s Thanksgiving
Under-the-radar Award: Open Mouth
Spirit of NoBudge Award: (tie) KamiNight Life

Here are just a few of the winners:

Joy Kevin

Merely Players

Santa Monica

We'll Be Happy Over There


Night Life

What Kentucker Audley has built with NoBudge is really unique and it's a helpful addition to streaming destinations out there. There's more worthy titles on the site than are listed here, but maybe the symbolic gesture of recognition will get a few more eyeballs on the site. All these films (and many more) are available to stream for free on    

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I love any site that promotes inie film.

Nice films in the line-up :)

January 6, 2015 at 12:45PM