While plastic gear may not stand up to a ton of abuse, the Gratical (like a decent amount of high-end gear), is made of a metal alloy (in this case magnesium). If you've been looking to get one, the $2,900 pre-order is still going on until the end of January, so you can save nearly $1K off the $3,800 retail price just by pre-ordering. 

So with that out of the way, here's the car test:

And the drop test:

While you may be switching out cameras often, you want something like this EVF to last a while, and it's clear from the tests above that it can handle quite a bit. When you're paying almost $3,000 (or close to $4K retail), this is how I would expect a piece of gear to perform under stress, but it's nice to see the company actually showing us in a real-world test. 

We've also got a terrific review from Philip Bloom if you're wondering how the EVF performs:

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Source: Zacuto