[Update]: After a small theatrical run, the film is now available to rent or buy on sites like Amazon, iTunes, and more. See the full list here.

Consider John Boorman's Point Blank or Roman Polanksy's Chinatown -- films that you could argue are just as much driven by a character study of Los Angeles as they are the rest of the plot. At Sundance 2015, The Strongest Man premiered in the NEXT section as an incarnation of magical realism where the city of Miami is a central character. We sat down with director Kenny Riches, who came to Sundance 2015 from the burgeoning Miami film scene, to talk about his new microbudget film, writing scripts for people he already knows, and shooting an "existential comedy" with BMX stunts and a Canon C300.

Here's the trailer for the film:

Thank you, Kenny! Stay tuned for the release of The Strongest Man so you can check the whole thing out for yourself.

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