Vyer Films Introduces Free Tier on Streaming Library (& 50% off Subs for NFS Readers)

Vyer Films Introduces Roku and Free Tier on their Curated Streaming Library
Vyer Films brings Roku support and an entry level free subscription. (Plus, a special 50% discount for NFS readers, one week only!)

As curation becomes more important in a flooded marketplace, Vyer Films offers a unique streaming model and a diverse library of art films. Been waiting to jump into Vyer's Volumes because of a steep subscription price or lack of platform support? Adopting the almost ubiquitous freemium model, now you can start enjoying the quality cinema on the platform for free. 

"Time is the most valuable thing you have, and we understand that. That is why Vyer Films is not simply a streaming service. We are curators, connecting you to underseen contemporary films that offer unique experiences distinct from the established classics of film history."

Streaming right now for free on Vyer is The Destiny of Lesser Animalsa film by Deron Albright:

Of course, philosophically if you enjoy quality movies you should be willing to pay for them, but this new free tier will allow people a chance to see what they're in for. Take a look at Vyer's paid subscription models:

Vyer Films Subscription Models

K.C. McLeod and the team at Vyer has generously offered a whopping 50% discount for No Film School readers, so there's really no excuse now.

To get the discount, sign up with the code NFS2015. This offer only lasts one week, so get it while it's hot!     

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