The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival is upon us, but if you don't happen to be in New York City to catch this year's crop of new films, you can stream a handful of cool looking shorts from the comfort of your living room as part of Tribeca's Online Film Festival.

This year, Tribeca is offering seven short films for you that ruminate on answers to the question, Does technology rule, or rule us? All you need to do to get access to the films is create a free Tribeca account, and once the film has had it's premiere in a theater, it's available online until April 27th. Check out all seven at the Tribeca Online Film Festival hub, with a few highlights below!

Cafe Glass

From filmmaker Wen Ren:

In the future, online dating becomes the socially acceptable way to communicate and connect. Zayn, a student studying at Cafe Glass, is forced to go offline when the internet suddenly turns off, in order to find a mysterious profile whom he believes might be the one.

Rita Mahtoubian Is Not A Terrorist

From filmmakers Roja Gashitili and Julia Lerman:

In this satirical comedy about romance, terrorism, and trying to be a better person, Iranian-born Rita Mahtoubian is inspired to change her life after a neighbor’s Rosh Hashanah dinner ignites a spark of inspiration. Her mission to make big changes attracts the attention of an overly-invested Homeland Security agent.

Evolution of a Gen-X Music Purchaser

From filmmaker Jack Marchetti:

The way we purchase music has evolved. The once sacred record store has been replaced by a virtual mega-market. Physical forms of music have fallen to the digital age. Follow Zack’s journey as significant moments in his life parallel the changing landscape of music purchasing technology over the last twenty years.


From filmmaker Luke LoCurcio:

After Emily’s crush comments on a post she made about a reality television star, and they pick up conversation in a messenger app, the gap between Emily's real self and her online persona begins to widen. When they meet face-to-face without the comfort of a screen between them, the awkward first date conversation begins.

No Film School is on the ground at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival right now, and we'll be bringing you the scoop on what the films and filmmakers are doing here this year. In the meantime, enjoy these shorts!

Source: Tribeca Online Festival