This announcement will most likely get budget filmmakers, namely BMPCC and GH4 users, pretty excited. Veydra didn't disappoint when they came out with their line of affordable cinema quality glass for Micro 4/3 cameras, and now with the promise of an even more complete line of mini cinema primes, things are really starting to get exciting.

Wide Angle Mini Prime

Veydra was bound to make a move toward wide angle lenses, since the widest one in their line right now is a 12mm, and the company explained in their press release that it wouldn't be the optimal option in some shooting conditions.

For this reason, we are pleased to announce our ongoing Wide Angle Project with which we endeavor to make the perfect wide angle cinema lens for Micro 4/3 sensors.  We are in the final design stages of completing a new Wide Angle Veydra Mini Prime. It will be either an 8.5mm or 9mm and likely feature a T2.4 maximum aperture.

The prototype should be completed in the next several months and the expected shipping date will be sometime in early 2016 and will cost around the same as the 12mm Mini Prime, which is $1200.

Mini Anamorphic

Vedra Lens, 25mm Anamorphic outline modelVedra Lens, 25mm Anamorphic outline modelCredit: Veydra

But even more exciting than the wide angle addition is their plans to develop true anamorphic lenses through the Veydra Mini Anamorphic Project. Why? Because this means that anamorphic lenses, which are notoriously and prohibitively expensive for pretty much any indie filmmaker, will suddenly become accessible and affordable for them.

Veydra says that the first focal length they'll be offering will be the Veydra Mini Anamorphic 2X 25mm T.2.2 M4/3:

This will feature the Veydra Mini Prime 25mm base optics in the rear and have the 2X anamorphic group in front.  All of this will be housed in a single lens with a single calibrated focus scale available in Imperial or Metric focus scale with proper focus gears and movement for motion picture production.

The Mini Anamorphic will be available at the end of this year and plan on developing longer focal lengths to complete a 3 lens set (available in 2016). So, how much will it cost you to shoot anamorphic with Veydra? Under $5000. (I know. I'm drooling, too.)

If you want to know more about Veydra's reasoning behind the development of their new wide angle and anamorphic lenses, check out their press release here.

No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2015 is brought to you by Color Grading Central, Shutterstock, Blackmagic Design, and Bigstock.

No Film School's coverage of NAB is brought to you by Color Grading Central, Shutterstock, Blackmagic Design, and Bigstock

Source: Veydra