EditReady has actually had two fairly significant updates recently. The first, and biggest, of these was the 1.2 update which went live right at the beginning of March. The major news in this release was that EditReady had, in essence, gained all of the functionality of Divergent Media's other popular media management app, ClipWrap, which excelled at rewrapping and transcoding AVCHD footage in mind-blowingly short amounts of time. This is a major step for Divergent Media because it signals that they're throwing a ton of resources into making EditReady not only the fastest transcoder around, but also one of the most versatile.

Here's the full list of upgrades from the 1.2 release.

  • Support for MPEG transport stream content (AVCHD and HDV)
  • Better handling for files that can’t be converted to DNxHD due to resolution limitations
  • Audio sync fixes for some Panasonic MXF files
  • Better support for spanned MXF files
  • Much faster initial loading of clip thumbnails and metadata
  • Fixes rare crash when disclosing clip info in thumbnail list
  • Resolves an issue with menu appearance when Mac OS X is in “high contrast” mode
  • Better support for Canon C100 mark II files

Just in case you need a refresher on EditReady and what it can do, here are a few quick videos.

Two weeks ago, Divergent Media released another update (version 1.2.1). The big news in this update is that EditReady now supports h.265 (which the Samsung NX1 can shoot internally in 4K). This effectively makes EditReady the best and fastest solution for professional management of Samsung NX1 h.265 footage.

Here's the full list of added features and fixes in the 1.2.1 update.

  • Support for Samsung NX-1 H265 codec
  • Better support for AVCHD timecode
  • Improved stability when working with AVCHD on Mac OS X 10.8
  • Support for DVCPro50
  • Support for AVCIntra50
  • Better support for GoPro Hero4 timecode
  • Fixes an issue with AAC audio tracks that misreport their channel count (some YouTube files)
  • Fixes audio track mapping for MXF sources
  • Ensures audio and video tracks match in length in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Enhanced command line interface
  • Better support for working with large numbers (many hundreds) of AVCHD files
  • Fixes an audio issue with some Canon 5D files

Though the feature set and compatibility was somewhat limited when EditReady launched roughly a year ago, the Divergent Media developers have shown that they're all-in when it comes to making EditReady the fastest, simplest, and most comprehensive media management solution out there for people who transcode lots of footage and deal with extensive metadata and color management. They've even gone so far as to cannibalize one of their other popular apps (ClipWrap) in order to bring that functionality into EditReady. To me, this shows that Divergent Media is getting on board with the idea of a unified encoder that can do just about everything, as opposed to multiple specialized encoding softwares for certain media types. If they can build on that idea and make the software truly codec agnostic (while maintaining the speed of course), then EditReady will be my encoder of choice for years to come.

As always, if you're interested in EditReady, head on over to Divergent Media's site and check out the free trial, or you can buy the software for $50.

Source: Divergent Media