That's exactly what Griffin Hammond has been doing with his life. Who is Griffin Hammond, you ask? Well, he's a documentary filmmaker who has made his living capturing compelling stories and sharing them with the world. He's the director of an award-winning short documentary about Sriracha, the Thai hot sauce that has amassed a cult following in the United States, and he currently works at Bloomberg in New York City, where he creates political documentaries. Plus, he runs a fantastic YouTube channel with loads of DIY hacks for low-budget filmmakers, and has starred in many-a-video for Indy Mogul.

On Friday, Griffin will be leading a day-long workshop in conjunction with our good friends over at CreativeLive. From 9am PST to 4pm, he's going to be teaching a live audience, both in studio and on the web, about everything he's learned over the years when it comes to making short documentaries on tight deadlines and with minuscule budgets.

Here's the trailer for the course.

And here's a small sampling of what Griffin is going to teach everybody how to accomplish:

  • Recognize and tell a good story
  • Capture high-caliber footage with low-budget gear 
  • Incorporate all the essentials for online and TV news
  • Produce corporate work clients love
  • Find your audience and monetize your work

Lastly, here's the trailer for his fantastic short doc Sriracha.

If you're interested in registering for Griffin's workshop, head over to CreativeLive and get signed up. Like all CreativeLive course, this will be broadcast live for free, but you can also purchase on-demand access as well. Either way, if you're looking to sharpen your documentary filmmaking skills, this one is a no-brainer.

Source: CreativeLive