Coming almost a year after the price dropped to $6K, we've got another $1,000 cut, bringing Sony's FS700 to down to $5,000. While you might see the FS7 as a better value with its internal 4K, it does start at $8K, which may or may not be just above your budget, especially when you build out a kit for that particular camera. That's not the only deal on the FS700, we've also got the 18-200mm kit lens version which is now down to $5,600. Here's a look at the two options for purchasing a new FS700:



The fact that you can record RAW from this camera without having to use Sony's unwieldy option is a big deal. It was mostly an afterthought, especially as you need an adapter just to use the Sony RAW recorder. While the support is coming to the Atomos Shogun to actually capture 4K RAW in CinemaDNG, the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ are capable of it right now. The Odyssey can also record ProRes from the RAW feed. If you're not interested in dealing with RAW but want a higher quality file than what you can get internally, this is a fantastic option, and it's going to give smaller file sizes and will likely be easier to play back depending on the system you're working with.

RIght now it says this deal is going to be over at the end of June, but it's very possible that this will be a permanent drop as Sony starts to phase out this camera. Obviously the FS7 is newer and has compressed 4K built-in, so if you need that kind of setup built-in, that's going to be the least expensive way to get it in a Sony cinema camera internally. If you want to save a little bit of money, the FS700 is still capable of some fantastic images. 

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