While it may already be tomorrow in some places, the entire series takes place on the West Coast of the US (so we've still got plenty of BTTF day left). The world of BTTF loves showing us the same places at different time periods, and also has a number of déjà vu moments throughout. A wonderful video from Joel Bocko for Fandor Keyframe takes a look at all of these moments:

A scene in Back to the Future II shows a shark coming out at our hero, Marty, and is a marketing device for the film Jaws 19. Even though we're never going to see that many sequels, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment decided to give us some mini-trailers for all of the Jaws films up to, and including, Jaws 19:

Though Back to the Future II predicted a few things right about the future, it's unlikely director Robert Zemeckis and his team were even striving to be that accurate, as it's a futile effort trying to predict anything 30 years in advance. I'm sure they realized that the 2015 in the film was always going to be a more cartoony version of what we have today. The Verge put out a video taking a look at some of the things that BTTF II got right (and what it got wrong):

Since these guys are mostly a technology site, it's easy for them to think that faxes are gone, but if you live in the real world, fax is somehow still not a thing of the past. It might be on its last legs, but fax machines are still in use all over the place, especially in medical facilities. The fact that we have services to send faxes over email just proves this point even more. 

What about those self-tying shoes? While it was done in the film by a number of crew members pull the laces tight, Nike has actually developed the shoes from the film, and will auction them off next year for charity:

2015 Nike Mag

Michael J. Fox got to try on a pair early:

What other cool videos have you seen from today?