If you thought walking through Hell's Club with cinema's most violent and nefarious characters was bad, imagine how hellish it'd be if the world's of Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick collided. Well, stop imagining and watch as Jimmy Stewart is followed by Jack Torrence and a bunch of other Kubrick droogies through scenes from each directors' films in The Red Drum Getaway, a suspenseful and utterly disturbing mashup by Gump TV.

There is no shortage of hilarious and well-made movie trailer mashups and recuts. I'm sure you have your favorites, like "Scary Mary", the Mrs. Doubtfire recut, or even a previous Kubrick mashup of The Shining. (I'll leave mine at the end of this post.) But the great thing The Red Drum Getaway does, which Hell's Club did also, is combine footage from multiple films within the same shot to create an entirely new narrative. 

It's also interesting just to compare how the films of both Hitchcock and Kubrick look and feel when they're side by side, both in the timeline and within the frame -- two geniuses who understood how to influence audiences using the medium to its full potential -- and they did so in order to unsettle us.

And as promised, 10 Things I Hate About Commandments, my favorite recut trailer.

Source: Gump