Today, Zeiss unveiled the Otus 28mm f/1.4. Like it's predecessors, the Otus 55mm and Otus 85mm, the 28mm is expected to be optically superior to all other full-frame prime lenses at that focal length. Today's announcement is also significant in that the Otus lineup can now be considered a full set (albeit a small one) because it contains a wide-angle, a standard, and a telephoto.

As for the common complaint that Zeiss is engaging in hyperbole with its marketing of these lenses, the story goes like this. Zeiss gave its engineers a mission to design the best lens possible, irrespective of how much it would cost or how large it would be. What they came up with was the original Otus 55mm f/1.4, which independent testing later confirmed was the highest performing prime seen to date. The company then followed up with the 85mm f/1.4, which also proved to be optically superior to other primes at that focal length.


The Otus 28mm is expected to begin shipping in the Spring of 2016 with the option for either a Nikon or Canon mount. While the price isn't known yet, it's safe to expect it to fall somewhere in the range of $4000 to $5000. For more information about the Otus 28mm, head over to the Zeiss website. And for some sample photos taken with the new lens, head over to this flickr album.

Source: Zeiss