Jarred Land, President of RED, has an interesting side project called Global Dynamics United (among other things). One of the first products from this venture is a rehoused Canon 24mm f/2.8, which has been made bullet-proof — as all lenses should be. It's going to be available in aluminum or titanium backs, and for testing purposes, they put it on an EPIC DRAGON, blasting it with water and fire, and just so happened to shoot it in 8K at 72fps on the RED WEAPON Vista Vision camera:

This is clearly more intensive than a lens test needs to be, but if you're going to make a bullet-proof lens, you might as well go all the way and see how it holds up to the most extreme conditions. If you're wondering, the EPIC DRAGON and lens both survived the test.

Land put this whole clip together on this Dell XPS with Thunderbolt 3:

Jarred Land Dell XPS RED 8K

Some RED 8K footage has been mixed in with other projects over the last year, and though there was a public showing of 8K footage at Cine Gear in June, not much has been shown since (that footage did look great, however). And if you're wondering where you could watch 8K footage online, YouTube can apparently support 8K, but I wasn't able to play it back on a fast connection with a 5K iMac. Either way, it would be nice to see some additional scenes in 8K, especially shots of more than inanimate objects. 

I'm sure we will get more examples over the coming months, but I wouldn't expect much better performance over the 6K DRAGON sensors as the 8K sensor shares similar characteristics — just a lot bigger. 

If you want to order the lens, you can find the options here.

Source: Global Dynamics United