Though it's a little late, the 4K Apertus AXIOM Beta Open Source camera is well on its way, and has captured some of its first moving images:

If you've been following this and you're thinking that you've already seen footage from this camera, you're not going crazy. Footage was shown off about two years ago, but this was part of their Alpha body, which was a much larger early design, and not something that was ever meant to be mass-produced. This is the hardware that will actually be shipping to developers and early adopters as part of their crowdfunding campaign (though in an actual enclosure):


It's also important to note that the images are in a very early stage, and they are just starting to work on the image and color now that the hardware is complete and working. If you missed the news, Apertus has actually teamed up with Magic Lantern, the group that has previously done a lot of work with Canon cameras. Here's where they are at so far:

They will be doing some small volume production of these complete cameras for those early backers, but eventually they will increase production as payments come in from crowdfunding backers (since they did a multi-phase payment system). They are still quite a ways off from their ultimate goal of having a full-fledged camera, but the hardware for their next model, the Gamma, is already taking shape:

While the Gamma phase isn't here just yet, if you wanted to get in on this Beta phase, you will be able to do that soon even if you weren't part of the crowdfunding campaign. For more information on that, head on over to the Apertus site here

Source: Apertus